Hearing the Voice

Writers’ Inner Voices is part of Hearing the Voice, an ambitious, interdisciplinary research project that aims to provide a better understanding of the experience of hearing voices in the absence of external stimuli. In a medical context, this is termed ‘auditory verbal hallucinations’. Usually associated with severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, voice-hearing is also an important part of many ordinary peoples’ lives. The experience has been richly described across cultures and historical eras, and raises profound questions about the neural foundations of language, the nature of thought and the unity of the self.

You can find out more about Hearing the Voice at the project website, or keep up to date about current research and events at the blog. You can view an introductory presentation about the project here.

Although we are not clinicians and cannot offer clinical support, we have collated a list of sources of information that have proved valuable to those seeking help and advice about voice-hearing experiences.